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What Is Fat Rope Stick™?


The Fat Rope Stick™ is made out of pure cotton material. The cotton has a special braiding that breaks into thousands of microfibers when you rub it in your hands. Theses microfibers are designed to catch a spark even when wet. Our unique manufacturing process enable us to remove water contained in the fibers at the microns level. This advanced process ensure a fully dried material no matter the conditions it is exposed to. 



It's reliability makes it a great item to have in a survival or emergency kit. Each stick is infused with our proprietary FOG-H77A™high gasification formula. In conjunction with this formula, the cotton becomes highly resistant to water and wind. Due to it's complex nature, the Fat Rope Stick™ has to be produced by hand. It is a non-generic, specialized fire starter.

Non Toxic


Cut what you need. Keep the rest for later.

No evaporation. It maintain its performances even partially used.

Size:  6" x 1" 1/8  

Weight:  93g



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